Welcome to the Great Broward Awakening

"My prayer is that all believers will be one", Jesus Christ.

In 2014 the Great Broward Awakening was formed primarily to unite GOD-ordained leaders in Broward County quarterly to prayer for the region. Secondarily, GBA purposed to draw those who simply believed and were willing to pray for the inspiration of Heaven over Broward County. 

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What IS THe event and why is it necessary?

The emphasis of GBA has been placed on serving as a regional event for prayer and supernatural demonstration through collaboration with local ministry leaders. The regional-centric and cooperative nature of GBA has touched the Heart of GOD. The event is carefully crafted with the qualities participants require to flourish:

  • Regionally Focused, GOD-Centered: By avoiding focus on individuals or fellowships, the regionally centered “event" has drawn hundreds of county leaders of all ages, denominations, and ethnic backgrounds.

  • Leveraging Spiritual & Natural Collaboration: When you attend a GBA event you will be surrounded by those who believe Jesus is the Head of the Church. The selfless nature of GBA participants has resulted in post-event collaboration in areas such as economic support, joint-business opportunities, and ministerial engagements

  • Prayers Proceeded by Supernatural Demonstration: One of the last petitions of Jesus on earth was for "all Believers to be one." Participants of GBA collectively agree that unified events which focus on releasing the Heart of GOD, quickly move His hand. GBA is known to be met with uncommon miracles and prophetic release from heaven, immediately following the prayer portion of the event.


GBA intercessory prayer, worship and evangelistic miracle event. Date, time  and location TBD

Friday, September 22,2017 @7:30pm
GBA prophetic prayer, worship and miracle crusade event.  Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Friday, March 27, 2015 @7:30pm

GBA Apostolic/Prophetic prayer, worship and healing event. Back To The Future Church in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Friday, August 29, 2014 @7:30pm
Great Broward Awakening Intercessory Worship/Prayer event . Registration required.