Structure of Great Broward Awakening Events
The Kingdom of Heaven is organized and strategic and admonishes its Ambassadors on earth to be as well. Broward’s diverse group of spiritual leaders are some of the most gifted in the world. Yet, more than gifts, the condition of “hearts” have served as the platform for GBA events. Participants appreciate that in order for the event to be effectual, leaders must honor the God-given gifts of others and be sensitive to format structure.  GBA events are divided into 3 Distinct Phases: Target Regional Prayer, Regional Miracle Crusade and Instructional Breakout Session

  • Phase 1 Targeted Regional Prayer: This phase is centered upon unified, targeted regional prayer led by local participating “Regional Prayer Leaders” . GBA organizes Broward County into 6 districts for the purposes of defined prayer and spiritual alignment. Regional Prayer Leaders will be called to lead prayer based on their defined districts and spheres of influence outlined in their pre-registration for the GBA event. The timeline for Phase 1 of the event typically ranges from 7:30pm -9:30pm. History will demonstrate the strength of Regional Prayer Leaders who stood shoulder to shoulder with other Broward servant-leaders. If you are interested in serving as a Regional Prayer Leader, follow the steps on the following page to register.

  • Phase 2 Regional Miracle Crusade: This phase is targeted upon the tangible demonstration of the authenticity of Jesus Christ.  Led by local participating “Regional Miracle Crusade Leaders”, the event shifts from praying for, to releasing the supernatural power of GOD. The timeline for Phase 2 of the event typically ranges from 9:30pm – Midnight and beyond, depending on location and availability. Learn more about requirements for Regional Miracle Crusade Leader on the following page.

  • Phase 3 Instructional Break-Out Sessions: This phase focuses on leveraging the experience of Broward County’s seasoned spiritual leaders to provide educational impartation based on their areas of expertise. GBA participants find it important to allot for time to bring clarity when spiritual transformations such as salvation, emotional and spiritual healing occur.  Instructional Break-Out Sessions are scheduled the day following a GBA event (typically on Saturdays) from 9:00am -4:00pm. Only those who have committed to serving as Regional Prayer Leaders or Regional Miracle Crusade Leaders will be considered to lead Instructional Break-Out Session.

Great Broward Awakening Overview

GBA is not a denomination or fellowship, rather, it is merely an event and meeting place where regionally assigned spiritual leaders come together and unleash selfless, targeted prayer over their defined districts and spheres of influence. The event also provides faithful Believers an opportunity to support regional leaders in prayer while receiving spiritual, emotional and physical healing.The emphasis of GBA has been placed on serving as a regional event for prayer and supernatural demonstration through collaboration local ministry leaders. The regional-centric and cooperative nature of GBA has touched the Heart of GOD. The event is carefully crafted with the qualities participants require to flourish:

  • Regionally Focused, GOD-Centered: By avoiding focus on individuals or fellowships, the regionally centered “event" has drawn hundreds of county leaders of all ages, denominations and ethnic backgrounds.

  • Leveraging Spiritual & Natural Collaboration: When you attend a GBA event you will be surrounded by those who believe Jesus is the Head of the Church. The selfless nature of GBA participants has resulted in post-event collaboration in areas such as economic support, joint-business opportunities and ministerial engagements


  • Prayers Proceeded by Supernatural Demonstration: One of the last petitions of Jesus on earth was for "all Believers to be one." Participants of GBA collectively agree that unified events which focus on releasing the Heart of GOD, quickly move His hand. GBA is known to be met with uncommon miracles and prophetic release from heaven, immediately following the prayer portion of the event.

 Requirements For Regional Prayer Leaders(RPL’s)
The Spirit of GOD led the Great Broward Awakening to divide Broward County into several regions and invite leaders (GBA refers to as Regional Prayer Leaders) from each region to lead prayer according to their assignment and purpose.

1. Receive an invitation from current/past GBA Regional Prayer Leader or apply for an exception online.

2. Register online via:

3. Complete brief registration call to discuss the specific territories and spheres (i.e. education, finance, ecclesiastical, etc.) GOD has called you to influence.

4. Participate in at least 2 of 4, 20-min conference calls addressing updates, instructional and Q&A’s pertaining to the GBA.

5. Participate in 3-day liquid fast ending at the completion of the GBA event.

Arrive at least 30-mins before the beginning of the GBA event.